AKINSOFT MyRezzta Features

Online Order Site

Using our Online Food Ordering System, you can take food orders from your website.

  • MyRezzta is a perfect system solution for your business that allows you to take food orders through your own website and facilitates the tracking of your orders.
  • It offers many convenience to your customers who want to order food so that they can order faster.
  • By the easy sign up feature, your customers will be able to quickly order food to all the delivery addresses they have previously defined.
  • You will be able to receive error-free orders through your website even at peak hours. In addition, as the orders will be recorded instantly in your system, you will prevent order errors and increase your customer satisfaction.
  • MyRezzta has been developed in a flawless structure that can prevent all the failures that may occur by asking your customers all the detail questions (seasoning/dressing/extra sauce etc.)
Online Order Site

Custom Mobile Application For Your Business

Mobile App
  • The vast majority of customers rely more on the restaurant's own branded mobile app (than the multi-restaurant order systems)
  • If you want, you can also create your own mobile application and let users download your mobile application.
  • Thanks to the Android and Ios compatible applications developed for your company, your customers can easily order from their mobile devices, view your restaurant location and menus easily and order from your restaurant.
  • You can send free and unlimited mobile notifications (push notifications) to your customers who download your mobile application. Thus, you can easily announce campaigns and offers that will please your customers without paying an additional fee.

Suitable for Single and Multiple Branches

One of the important features of MyRezzta is its structure suitable for the operation of a multi-branch restaurant.

We can provide unlimited branch service depending on your brand. You can adjust your cost/profit balance by applying a different price policy specific to each branch. In addition, you can update the menus of all branches from one place, as well as make separate campaigns and discounts.

Using in Your Own Web Address (Working in Your Own Domain) If you say, "I have my own website; I just need an easy-to-use order system.", you can quickly add MyRezzta online ordering infrastructure to your existing site.

Add an online order area to your existing website and start receiving orders with the MyRezzta infrastructure. It's that easy.

Suitable for Single and Multiple Branches

MyRezzta Features

As MyRezzta team, our goal is to offer new alternatives so that you can increase your service quality and the number of your customers.

Easily Activated Structure
Start taking orders immediately with its easy installation feature.
Fast Integration
If you have a website of your business, you can quickly integrate MyRezzta infrastructure and use it in your own domain address.
Suitable for Branch Businesses
You can get statistical reports by checking the Main Office and Branches on a single panel.
Practical Admin Panel
You can add the products you sell in your restaurant by categorizing them and in the order you want.
Advanced Mobile Compatible Design
It offers ergonomic use with its structure that adapts to desktop and mobile devices.
Selecting the Service Area
You can specify a lower limit and delivery area for online ordering.
Advanced Mobile Compatible Design
It offers ergonomic use with its structure that adapts to desktop and mobile devices.
Order Alert System
Visual and audible warning system that notifies when the order is received.
Adding an Order Note
You can increase satisfaction with the note field where special requests regarding the order will be sent.
Detailed Product Features
Entering photographs, descriptions and additional options for each product in your menu, selecting portion sizes and increasing the quantity.
Restaurant Program Integration
You can track your products and orders by integrating with WOLVOX Restaurant Management.
You can apply discounts and make marketing activities by adding banners.
Order History
Practical use feature where your members can repeat the orders placed before with one click
Order status
You can allow members to track the status of the order.
Qr Code Address Information
With the help of the qr code written on the order receipt, your courier can easily access the location information of the delivery and speed up the delivery.
14-Day Free Trial * No Credit Card Required You must send us the domain address you want to set up.