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Why MyRezzta ?

As MyRezzta team, our goal is to offer new alternatives to increase your customers and service quality.

With MyRezzta advanced collection system; you can offer your customers online, credit card, payment with meal cards and payment at the door alternatives. You can offer your customers order taking service through your own website, and you can also track orders for your headquarters and branch businesses through the same system.

MyRezzta Features

  • Easy to start receiving orders immediately with easy activatable structure and easy installation feature
  • Fast integration If you have a website for your business, you can quickly integrate MyRezzta infrastructure
  • Ability to control the structure center and branches suitable for branched businesses through a single panel and receive statistical reports
  • Practical administrator panel to provide error-free management of transactions with easy-to-use admin panel feature for the management of your website
  • Ergonomic use with advanced mobile compatible design that adapts to desktop and mobile devices
  • Selecting the service region, selecting the regions where you can provide pre-order service
  • Ability to show service working hours and show your working hours on your order page
  • Order warning system visual and audible warning system that notifies when an order arrives
  • Ability to add order notes and increase satisfaction with the note field where special requests related to the order can be sent WOLVOX Restaurant Management integration to track your products and orders
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